January 21, 2016

                                Funding and secure financing of agriculture in developing countries



In light of the proclamation by the United Nations of the new development goals called sustainable development goals (SDGs) in September 2015, the question of funding remains a major challenge, especially for rural and agricultural domains where processes of impoverishment and widening of vulnerable groups still persist. It is facing a set of hard-to-control hazards (weather, price volatility for agricultural products, etc.). Such hazards lead to effects which are not easy to measure. This often impacts the willingness of many actors to get involved in the financing of agricultural development. Due to the uncertainty prevailing in the sector, agriculture is a victim of credit rationing by financial institutions that adopt a cautious strategy for this sector. Most of the available funding is directed to sections of agricultural sectors or carriers of low risk. Financing needs are growing, especially because of demographic and food challenges, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet many formal and informal levers are mobilized by farmers for their financing needs. From their side, financial institutions are trying new hedging arrangements by combining financial data with other empirical (sometimes very non-financial) information. All of these initiatives are to improve the involvement in agricultural development by securing financing.

This seminar is to reflect on the following theme: "how do the current constraints of agricultural finance faced by farmers in developing countries urge to develop and adopt innovative financing tools and secure financing for agriculture?" The seminar will promote reflections on the financing tools and secure financing of agriculture in the broad sense by questioning theoretical as well as empirical evidences. The seminar will examine the new tools reviewed in terms of their relevance, their potential contribution and their limitations. The objective is to promote the identification and implementation of solutions that promote agricultural financial inclusion in the broad sense. The objective of this mini-conference is to advance the knowledge on funding and financing tools for securing agricultural development by using research on various scientific fields such as social sciences, agriculture, the economy, new technologies, etc.



Paper proposals are required to specify in no more than two pages, the problems, the methodology and the main bibliography items. Papers may be on theoretical, empirical and methodological issues on:

- Macro-finance and agriculture

- Microfinance and Agricultural Investment

- Crowdfunding / participatory Financing and agriculture

- Slow Money & Slow Food

- Agricultural Microinsurance

- Agricultural Warrantage

- Capital risk solidarity and Agriculture funding

- Guarantee Funds and Agricultural Investment

- Contracting and Agricultural Finance

- Grants and agriculture


This list is not exclusive. It obviously does not prevent addressing other recurring subjects related to financing agriculture.



- October 12, 2015: launch of the call for papers

- December 4, 2015: deadline for submission of abstracts

- December 18, 2015: selection of papers

- January 21, 2016: research seminar


Contact: Yaya KOLOMA ( and Hayyan ALIA (

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