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 Strictly speaking, research at ISTOM is a recent activity.

Research at Istom falls within the scope of development in emerging and developing countries, considered in its restrictive, yet consensual dimension, i.e. as the combination of ecological and socio-economic changes which are reflected in the present agro-ecological history and situation. The competencies of the school limit this field to the questioning of agro-ecological transformations and changes in agricultural sectors. The sustainable quality aspect is at the centre of this questioning, but the point in these environments is to analyse the tenable compromise levels and also to assess the contradictions in the changes. This questioning is part of an analysis on the role the company induces in these changes, the term “company” taken in its broader sense and ranging from a structured organisation with an econmic objective to a group of people concerned by the conditions of their survival.

The focus is and will be enhanced on the comprehension of both changes and trends by means of multidisciplinary approaches.

 In parallel to these multidisciplinary approaches, some actions with disciplinary-specific orientation are conducted with renowned laboratories. Some work on the valorisation of vegetable proteins of tropical origin and the impact of different processing treatments on protein functions (in particular those of soya and cowpeas) has been undertaken together with the UMR Food and process engineering (Agroparistech-INRA-CNAM). This work gave way to some collaboration with the Ecole de Biologie Industrielle (School of Industrial Biology). 
Beside the scientific activities carried ou within these partnerships, some works are part of an in-house multidisciplinary approach in view of assessing the relevance of the scientific research developed as regards economic and social development.

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Research at ISTOM

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