I.P.S.L.: the Institut Polytechnique Saint-Louis

ISTOM has been part of the Institut Polytechnique Saint-Louis since it was founded in 1991 in Cergy-Pontoise.

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IPSL is a private higher educational centre that brings together five schools, each of them providing a training programme leading to qualification in a specific field. 
Complementary schools divided into the two following poles:

  • Scientific training courses (accredited by CTI):

EBI Ecole de Biologie Industrielle (School of Industrial Biology)
EPMI Ecole de Production et de Méthodes Industrielles (School of Production and Industrial Methods)
ISTOM Ecole supérieure d’agro-développement international (Higher Education School of International Agro-Development)

  • Human & Personal Service courses

EPSS Ecole Pratique de Service Social (Practical School of Social Service)
ILEPS Ecole Supérieure des Métiers du Sport (Higher School of sports-related careers)

IPSL in figures: 300 teacher-searchers, 2,560 students and 550 graduates a year

The strong involvement in the professional and industrial world at the schools within IPSL ensures great synergy between the course and the needs of the school’s professional sectors.

Humanistic values

The multidisciplinary training programmes on offer promote both the educational creativity and exchanges between the schools. 
In particular since 2000, educational projects (exchange of teachers,bilateral tutorials, common professional conferences, PASCAL Programmes) are highly promoted within IPSL.

The dynamics of the Teilhard de Chardin Centre is highlighted by the fact that all students of the IPSL schools study these society issues together.

The international dimension

The IPSL schools develop their international networks through university exchanges, by hosting foreign students, through internships and research missions. IPSL is also a member of the FIUC which gathers over 180 universities worldwide.

Modern infrastructures

The Institut Polytechnique provides welcoming facilities on both sites of the Port and Montalants. They provide the following equipment which is used jointly: classrooms and lecture theatres, teaching and research laboratories, IT rooms, Documentation Centre. The Espace Saint-Louis, with its classrooms and auditorium, provides the facilities where schools, companies and associations can organise their meetings and seminars. With about 50 students associations and the resources made available for them by the Institute, students can get involved in a wide range of events that contribute to the life of the Grandes Ecoles.

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