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 Many books are available for students in the following areas: engineering techniques, hard sciences, earth sciences, tropical agronomy, agri-food technology, management, economics, human sciences, social sciences. 

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 A comprehensive documentary library:Centre de documentation Guy Loyen

  •  General encyclopedias (Encyclopaedia Universalis). 
  • 40,000 volumes (of which 24,000 for ISTOM). 
  • 762 collections of magazines of which 120 current ones. 
  • Press database (25,000 international sources). 
  • 6,500 dissertations and theses (electronic or hard copy). 
  • Map collection: geological and topographic maps. 
  • DVDs, CD-ROMs.
  • Ebooks.

Students also have access to the 5 university libraries in Cergy (170,000 volumes).

A richness of yesterday and today

In the 40s, some hundreds of dusty and obsolete volumes were brought together in the book cabinet of the only study room available at that time. Théodore Nègre, aware of the difficulty for the students in finding specialized documents in Le Havre to enable them to draft their internship reports, decided to devote significant resources to the acquisition of suitable documents.

 Centre de documentation Guy Loyen

1964: 7,000 volumes and a hundred of subscriptions. It is considered an Overseas-specialized Documentation Centre and one of the major centres in the provinces, even known to researchers outside ISTOM.



October 1991: Guy Loyen, responsible for the ISTOM library in Le Havre, attended the School in Cergy. When he died in 1992, the Documentation Centre he had widely enriched took on his name. 



A rare and preciousBananae collection of documents


ISTOM’s collection includes real gems and a large number of references available in few French libraries only, namely in fields such as colonial history, tropical plant growing and ethnology.

ISTOM, which has never suffered from withdrawal into itself, has made its documentary catalogue available to IPSL members on the Internet since 2003 ( which is regularly sought by researchers from all backgrounds.



Among the gems, some of the titles:

  • L’industrie des pêches au Cameroun / MONOD, Théodore. - Paris: Sté d’éditions géographiques, maritimes et coloniales, 1928. 504 p. (black and white photographs).
  • Moeurs et coutumes des Mélanésiens / MALINOWSKI, Bronislaw. - Paris: Payot, 1933. 181 p.
  • Histoire philosophique et politique des Etablissements et du Commerce des Européens dans les two Indes / RAYNAL, Guillaume Thomas. - Genève: JEAN LEONARD PELLET, 1780. 5 vol.

  • Lettres du Tonkin et de Madagascar / LYAUTEY, Hubert-Louis (Maréchal). - Paris: Armand Colin, 1921. 660 p.
  •  Cochinchine: dessins d’après nature de quelques fruits de la colonie / Collège d’Adran, 1878.

 66 volumes or dissertations are also available on manioc, published from 1914 to the 2000s; 150 volumes or dissertations deal with coffee tree, the oldest reference dating back to 1897!

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